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Unexpected twins... is that even a thing? Usually the surprise of twins happens shortly after the initial blood draw (which reveals higher than normal levels of HCG) or when your provider hears two heartbeats rather than one during a prenatal. Occasionally, it even happens at the 20 week anatomy scan when they see two babies rather than one. Rarely with today's technology are twins a surprise during birth. But... in rare instances, we are granted a surprise double blessing.


Yours truly has recently been blessed with, you guessed it, surprise "twins." They did not come to us in the expected way, but rather through intervention beyond our wildest dreams. 


Many of you know that we welcomed our precious daughter at the very end of July. Stella Pray has been such a tremendous blessing to our family. Her feminine presence has been a breath of fresh air in this very masculine household 🤣 We were just finding our groove when...


Her unexpected "twin" was practically dropped off on our doorstep. For those of you who don't already know, here is a brief synopsis of what happened...


We received a life-altering phone call on September 26th. We were contacted and told that someone we know and love (but hadn't seen in years) unexpectedly had a baby boy. As she is currently unable to care for him, she named us to provide a loving home for her sweet boy. We had a little over an hour to make a decision as to whether we would accept this precious soul or allow him to be released into foster care. And although there was a lot to consider from many angles, we chose to respond with open hearts.


The home study was done within hours and we headed to the hospital to pick up a baby boy we didn’t even know existed 6 hours earlier. So everyone, meet Declan. 


 Photo Credit: Chelsea Felty Photography


Isn't he precious?! Declan and Stella are 7 weeks apart. She is currently twice his size but we are working on catching him up!


 Photo cred: Chelsea Felty Photography



So, what does this mean for you as our beloved clients? Well, it means that Jess will continue to be the lead doula for a while longer until I am able to comfortably leave my crew (5 kids ages 6 and under!) and I will continue to work behind the scenes handling all the emails, paperwork, etc.


We love you all so much and deeply appreciate your business and support- keep it coming💜💜


All my love, 













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