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October 11, 2019

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Hello friends!


It's been a little while since we updated you on life and the business so we thought we would drop a little blog post here to update everyone!


Firstly, Flourish Birth Services was officially one year old in April! We had a successful first year and are on track to more than double the number of families we will serve during this second full year of business! We are super thankful for each of the families we have had the honor of serving and look forward to many more years of helping our local families have amazing birth experiences. 


Jess and I have had quite a busy month with lots of mamas about to deliver their babies which means that we have been running all around meeting them for their prenatal appointments- not to mention all our consults with our fall clients! We feel super blessed by the steady stream of families we have and look forward to attending their births!


Marielle and Jess are both still attending births, but Marielle is about to step back within the next few weeks from attending births until after her little one's arrival. In the meantime, she will be handling the administrative side of things while Jess attends prenatals and births.


Now, a pregnancy update on me (Marielle)! We have gotten so many text and messages from you guys asking how I'm doing. Thank you to each of you who have checked in. Your thoughts and prayers mean SO MUCH! 


In short, we are doing great. We are currently 33 weeks (about 8 months) in. Our health is great and everything is right on track. We found out at our last appointment that she is head down... Now we just wait for the big day!


We are planning our third homebirth with this little girl. We love our care team and are excited to have their support again this time around. My last two babies have come very quickly so we are curious if she will come just as fast (I have a feeling she will, but we shall see...). Her three older brothers are really excited to meet her and ask daily how many more sleeps until she arrives. The oldest two have asked if they can attend the birth. We are going to play it by ear, but are definitely open to it and are glad they are so eager to meet her. 


That's it for now, but we will of course update you when baby girl Flourish makes her debut!



All our love,

Marielle and Jess



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