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October 11, 2019

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It's a new year, and things are starting to take shape for what our business will be this year. With it comes some wonderful changes- but also bittersweet. We are a little somber and yet rejoicing at the same time as we say farewell to our friends and colleagues Marta and Liz. Despite our sadness, we are super excited for their next chapter.




Marta and her family are moving back to her homeland of Hungary! Marta has been working diligently over the last year to gain knowledge, and widen her experience with her birth skills so she can take them back to Hungary and serve her community well. She also has dreams of eventually opening a birth center there! How amazing would that be?!




As for our doula and photographer Liz, life threw her some unexpected curveballs this past year and she needs to step back to focus on her family. She's doing a wonderful job being a supportive wife, taking care of aging grandparents and her daughters and she's still juggling running a local Fire Department. She's Wonder Woman!


We are thankful for the time Marta and Liz served on our team alongside us and are praying blessings over them as they each transition into a new season. 


So, what does this mean for the Flourish team? Well, it only changes things a little bit. Jess and Marielle will still be the primary doulas and will be filling in as birth photographers (don't worry, we will still be using a professional camera, using a professional to edit the images and we will brushing up on our photographing skills skills😉... and hey! That would also mean you would get BOTH of us at your birth!)


We will also be adding two new team members (Standby! You will get to meet them soon!). They will be serving as  postpartum doulas for the time being, and are eager to also help us with our pregnant and laboring moms if/when Jess and I need backup. If our business grows as we hope, they will become a more regular part of the birth doula team as well. 


We look forward to continuing to serve each and every one of our clients this year. Cheers to growth, change, and the best birth experience for you and your family❤️❤️












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