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 Sooo....the biggest question that Marielle and I get asked regularly is, "How does your partnership change the way you practice?" So here is a blog all about how Flourish Birth Services operates and what this means for our lovely clients. 


As most of you know, I had a solo practice for the last 12ish years. I LOVED my solo practice and the close relationship I have with my clients. What I did not love was my set up for when I did need some backup. And the fact that with it just being me, there was only so many people I could help in any given year. And as my practice grew this also meant it became very difficult to find time for me and my family to get away. This is what drove me to start looking for a partner. I was actually looking for the right person for several years. Cue hearing about Marielle deciding to expand her practice from friends and family to becoming a professional doula. I have known Marielle and her family for years and I had a really good feeling about this. We got together and the creative juices were flowing. She compliments me in a lot of the places I am lacking business wise and keeps me on track. And I know I can trust her to do amazing work with our clients. Thus, our partnership was born. 


So how does this change the care that we are giving to our clients? In a few words, it really doesn't. The biggest change is that we both have consistent and reliable backup, that we always know is there. And we know that all of our clients know their backup doula. We are always flexible in this business, and want our clients to be happy. So if someone wants to hire Marielle, they can specify they want to hire Marielle. She can do all the prenatals and communication. I will join her on one of the prenatals to make sure that the client knows and is comfortable with me just in case the need does arise where a backup becomes necessary. Same for my clients. Same amount of prenatals, same communication, you just know who my backup is if that becomes necessary. And we can all have less stress. You can contact us personally or through our website or facebook page. Doesn't matter to us. 


Now what about all the lovely new clients who may not know either of us and who don't have a preference? Marielle and I will both come to your consult, so you can ask us both any questions you may have. After that it is up to you. If you feel more of a connection with one of us, you can request her to be your main doula. If you love us both equally and don't have a preference, we will probably set up a call schedule for you and we will both attend your prenatal appointments. Basically we work it the way that makes our clients feel the most comfortable. Because this is really all about the families we serve, not about us. And there is no need to worry about hurt feelings. We are both moms that understand how important it is to connect with the people you choose to surround yourself with when you give birth. We also know the stress that can occur when you feel pressured about who to allow to be with you during this special time. We want less stress, not more. We are here to serve you. 


So what about the other members of our team? Me and Marielle are choosing to concentrate on birth doula services at this time. So we have other lovely team members to help with your other needs. So if you want a childbirth class or your placenta encapsulated, or postpartum doula services we have someone for the job and we can arrange a meeting if you would like. 


Our birth doula services still include a free consult, 2 prenatal appointments prior to your birth, all of the informational support to help you make decisions about your birth plan, being on call for you 24/7 until you have your baby, support for your entire birth and immediate postpartum, breastfeeding support, and a postpartum meeting to wrap everything up. We also still do photographs at your birth whenever we are able for no extra charge. 


I think I covered it all. But if you have any questions, please reach out and we will answer them. We are so excited to help all of the families we can to have the best birth possible, your way!!

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