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A little about Jess, the traveling doula!

If you know anything about me, you know it is almost impossible to get me to sit down at a computer and type. But the lovely Marielle has managed to do the impossible. (One of the many reasons I love her!) So without further ado, here are 10 things about me, Jess!










 1. I'll start with the big ones. I have been married to my wonderful husband Brian for 13 years. We have 2 daughters. Lyla is 9 and Wren is 7. They couldn't be more different from each other. And they are both crazy and amazing in their own unique ways. We also have a dog, named Fenna. She is a dutch shepherd. You will often see me riding my bike around town with her on a leash. She loves bike rides because she gets to run FAST!


2. I planned home births with both of my daughters, but I quickly learned, well not quickly, my labor lasted FOREVER, that birth can keep you guessing. I transferred to the hospital with Lyla. She eventually came out, but I learned a lot about what women go through when their birth doesn't go as planned. I had a lovely healing home birth with Wren. It was very fast and very intense, but I loved it!! 


3. I breastfed for 6 years straight without a break. 18 months of that was tandem nursing. I never thought that phase of my life would come to a close. But it did, and now seems like a blip in time, like so many things about parenthood and life in general. 



4. Ok now a little just about me...I have an uncontrollable urge to travel, ALOT. I started traveling the world when I was 18. I took a trip to South Africa and caught the travel bug. Since then I have been to Ireland (twice), Mexico, Honduras, Belize, the Bahamas, Canada, Australia, Hawaii, various other locations all over the US, and Nicaragua, where I actually lived for 2 months with both of my kids. People thought I was crazy bringing a 3 year old a 1 year old there for so long, but it was AMAZING. I have been trying to do it again ever since. I used to jet off on random trips when I happened to get a window of not being on call for my clients. But now having a great partnership, I have more freedom to do the work I love and travel to my hearts content. I think doing both makes me a better doula, because a happy doula, is a good doula!


5. I am terrible with time management. My friends made a new time zone for me, JST (Jess Standard Time). I think this makes me a good doula, because I am really not one to care about keeping a schedule. So leaving randomly, for an unknown amount of hours, works perfectly for my brain. It also means I am 15 minutes late for EVERYTHING! No matter how hard I try. This does not include your birth!! When someone calls, I come running. But, it does mean I will probably be late for any scheduled appointments. Thanks for your patience in advance. I swear I don't do it on purpose. 


6. I absolutely LOVE 80's rock and roll. Especially the "Rock of Ages" soundtrack. Some of the best times start with rocking out to Rock of Ages and playing a game of beer pong with my husband and friends. You really should try it. It is amazingly therapeutic.


7. I absolutely HATE drama, and do everything in my power to stay away from it. As most people know, that is not an easy task in this crazy world. So I do my best to surround myself with beautiful people who also hate drama.










8. I absolutely love my friends!! There is nothing that keeps me more sane than a beautiful group of supportive and non judgmental women who are always there for me. I highly suggest everyone find a tribe like this. I know all women crave it and need it. If you feel like you can't find it, just start being real with other moms/women. We all crave realness in this fake world of social media and striving for perfection. It may not happen right away, but if you keep being real, other women will let their guard down and be the tribe you need. It is so worth it and makes life beautiful, even when it is hard. 












9. I love red wine, and beer, and even tequila. Oh and also...I am OBSESSED with raw oysters! And a combination of oysters and drinks, and seafood in general...yummm...crap now I'm hungry! Anyway, I love sitting on a porch with above mentioned friends and sipping on drinks and talking about life and laughing... so much laughing!! I try not to take myself too seriously. Life is short and no one has time for that!










10. I love nature...all of it. I love hiking and camping. But most of all swimming. There is something about the ocean, lakes, creeks, and rivers that make me insanely happy. But beware I also love swimming in, ahem, various states of undress. I have made it a goal to skinny dip in every country I go to. This included a freezing cold dip in lake Killarney in Ireland, and a much warmer dip in a volcanic crater in Nicaragua. I also love jumping off of rocks into said bodies of water. And sun bathing next to water. If I can sun bathe with a cold drink in my hand with my closest friends, that is a perfect day!


So this concludes my blog about me. It actually wasn't as painful as I expected it to be. Maybe I will do my part and write more of these things...maybe

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