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"Must. Not. Be Dull." 10 Random Facts about Heather

We thought it might be fun for you guys to know a little more about who were are outside of Flourish. Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing a blog post highlighting each member of our team to let you in on a few random facts about us including quirks, other interests, and an assortment of other randoms. Today Heather will be sharing some fun facts about who she is. Enjoy!!





1 - I was a barista for 5 years pre-kids. I love coffee so very much. Just hook me up to an IV. But when I have a bun in the oven it must go. 😭 Even a cup will give me heart palpitations all day, it’s usually my earliest indicator that I should go pee on a stick. 😜 Thank you decaf coffee for being a somewhat adequate substitute, it’s better than nothing. But you’d better believe it that I’ll be having a fresh bag a fully caffeinated beans waiting for me when Baby is due!! 


2 - If I could talk/type primarily in emojis, I would. But my inner voice tells me “Be cool, be cool. Lose the emojis, use your words.” 🤓😎🤪


3 - Don’t you DARE make me laugh if I have a mouth full of water. I have witnesses to both possible outcomes for that scenario. I’ll either be wearing my drink or choking on it and gasping for air. It’s very attractive. It’s not hard to do either, the dumbest thing will make me guffaw. 


4 - Queue my introduction to my husband, Noah. I’m not implying that he’s dumb. Although he’s definitely got that dumb male-patterned blindness. What I am saying is that he’s been making me laugh since we were 13 years old. 18 years later and he’s still going strong. That was one of the top criteria for my husband to be. 

- Must. Not. Be. Dull.✔️


5 - Want to see me cry? Show me a birth video. You’ll see me cross my legs together and clamp them down in sympathy for the mom’s impending ring of fire. Moments later allllllll the feels!! 


Can’t get enough. 😍


6 - All of my babies have been born at home. (Thank you Lord!!) But child number 2 was an unintentional, unassisted birth, born on Thanksgiving day. Lesson learned for one and all, if I say I’m fine at the very end of pregnancy. It’s a lie. I’m in labor. Just ask my midwife, mother and husband. I can’t be trusted. 


7 - What’s my absolute favorite thing to do and something I look forward to every day? Climbing into my bed at night. 🛏 Simply the best. However if I had to the raise the bar some it would be going to the beach. 🏖 Now that is amazing!! 


8 - I was pregnant and/or nursing for just shy of 8 years straight. 🤰🤱

Five lovely children, 4 on earth and 1 in heaven. Had a 3 year recovery period and was blessed with number 6 who should be making his appearance at some point after Christmas. 


9 - Totally a boy mom, plus a bonus daughter. ❤️ If you want to know what it’s like to be a boy mom, I’ll boil it down for you into one sentence. It’s all about the penis. 


10 - Last but not least. These are a few of my favorite things: 

  • My favorite color is green (all day, every day, every shade. It’s a keeper.) 

  • I LOVE food and chances are if I’m particularly pissy, food will fix it. Whether it be a glorious hamburger, taco, a piece of chocolate, ice cream, gourmet salad or a potato in ANY form. I’ll scarf it down and be a much nicer person. 

  • Candles are da bomb. 

  • Jeans, a T-shirt and flip flops are part of my go-to wardrobe. I’m fancy. 

  • My favorite gifts are practical ones. Ones that I’ll put to use and use every day. That or food. Which, IS practical. A girl’s gotta eat. 


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