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October 11, 2019

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So last week we posted this little teaser photo of the Flourish doulas all together and shared that we were working on something exciting and special for you guys

Our business is really starting to grow and as a newly formed company, we are really encouraged by this growth and by the support we have received from you! Our goal is and will always be to deliver THE BEST pregnancy, labor, and postpartum support. 



SO... what IS the BIG NEWS?!



Some of you know that one of the things that sets us apart from other doulas in the area is that along with our excellent labor support and team model, we also try our best to snap a few photos for you during the process and send them to you so that you have them to look back on. 


In keeping with our standard of being the best, we took a class from a professional photographer (pictured below) on photography in the birth room so that we can get the best possible shots for you and your family to enjoy long after your little one is born! 


 SheRae Hunter of SLHunter Photography



But wait... there is MORE!


We offer this as part of our standard services, but we also wanted to make sure that those who wanted could upgrade to professional photography should they chose. Sometimes we as doulas are busy helping mom and are unable to capture some really important moments. As an add-on to our doula services, we are also offering PROFESSIONAL birth photography for a fraction of the cost compared to hiring someone outside of our team. This will include a second person attending your birth who is there strictly as the photographer to ensure all the best moments are captured and perfectly preserved. Not only that, but you will also receive professional editing as well. 😍😍


We absolutely love serving each and every one of you and we are thrilled to expand our business to meet the needs and desires of our clients. Thank you SO MUCH for all the continued support. You will never meet another group of ladies more committed and appreciative of your business💜


We look forward to serving you well and continuing to deliver the best doula care around!


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