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7 Tips for Surviving your First Trimester

July 29, 2018


Having just recently walked through the first trimester for the 6th time, all of this is ​fresh ​on my mind. Just thinking about that joyful ickiness is making me queasy and tired. So moms, if you’re having a rough time of it, I feel ya!


Survival mode


Pregnancies come in different shapes and sizes, there is no one size fits all, so what works for me may not work for you. If there’s nothing else you’re able to take away from this post remember this; you’re in survival mode. Give yourself grace and do ​WHATEVER​ works for you. If that means being a couch potato and surviving on chex mix, ​DO IT!


Tip #1)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! ​Properly hydrating is so crucial for a healthy pregnancy and is a great habit to get into for when your baby arrives. Nursing moms need to hydrate adequately just like you pregnant moms do. Just to name a few ways hydrating can help you out:


  • Helps prevent UTIs, constipation and hemorrhoids

  • Helps with headaches, swelling, fatigue and overheating


However, sometimes in those early days even drinking plain ol' water can make you gag and lose your previous meal. Try drinking some flavored seltzer water instead. Or a personal favorite, swing by your local Sonic and for about $2 buy their 10lb bag of ice to take home and liven up your beverages.


Tip #2)

While your calorie intake may not need to change during your first trimester, your eating habits just might need some tweaking. Think small, frequent and nutritious. Come up with a personal arsonal of healthy snack options, bonus points if they’re easy to pack and take with you. Always being prepared for those first trimester crashes is so helpful.

  • Granola bars

  • Nuts & seeds

  • Fresh fruit

  • Pre sliced veggies ( Peppers, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli, sugarsnap peas, carrots)

  • Crackers, chips, pretzels

  • Cheese

  • Yogurt

Tip #3)

Are you feeling like you’re so tired you wonder if you’re actually dying instead of growing a human being? Good news- that’s perfectly normal!! Growing a new life is ​NO​ ​JOKE​, of course you’re going to be tired. If this happens to be your first child, sleep. ​JUST​ ​SLEEP​! Don’t feel guilty about taking some long naps and having an early bedtime, just do it. If you’re pregnant with subsequent children sleep can be a little trickier to come by. But it’s so worth it to make it a top priority, especially in those early days. I don’t know about you, but my symptoms are always worse when I’m sleep deprived. Your naps may no longer be blissful 2 hour naps in bed whenever you want. That’s okay, become queen of the 5 minute snoozes on the couch, they’re better than nothing and still so worth it.


Tip #4)

Stay active. It’s good for your emotions, body and baby. This of course isn’t time to try some new vigorous workout. Stick to what your body knows and is comfortable with. Now more than ever it’s important to listen to your body and not overdo it. If you simply can’t achieve anything other than walking, just do it!! It will most definitely pay off in the long run.


Tip #5)

Growing a child can also come with growing aches and pains. Here are some great ways to manage your new aches:

  • Take a warm epsom salt bath with lavender essential oil

  • Get your spouse to give you a relaxing massage

  • Go on a walk

  • Find a chiropractor

Tip #6)

Stay in contact with your care provider, that is what they are there for. That’s what you’re paying them for and what they are skilled in doing. They will be such a great sounding board for what is normal and what isn’t, how to cope with the normal and care for what isn’t.


Tip #7)

Now this doesn’t just apply to your first trimester, it applies to any point in your pregnancy. If you feel like you and your care provider just aren’t the right fit for each other, ​FIND SOMEONE ELSE! ​You and your baby deserve it. If you don’t feel like you’re being heard and cared for, leave. It doesn’t matter if they are the most sought after provider in your area. What do ​YOU ​think? Listen to your gut and trust it. Your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum will so greatly benefit from it.


Help a fellow Mama out.

What helped you the most with your first trimester? What made it worse? If you would do it over again, what would you do or not do differently? Comment and tell me your thoughts- I’d love to hear what they are as I’m sure others would as well! We can all help each other learn and thrive!  

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