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Flipping a Breech Baby- The Webster Technique


We recently did a vLog post with Dr D, a local chiropractor at Active Health Chiropractic here in Stephens City, Virginia (click here if you missed it). We talked about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. There are many benefits and we HIGHLY recommend our clients see a skilled chiropractor regularly during their pregnancy this as it helps ensure the best possible outcome for both mom and baby. 


So let’s dive a little deeper into the highly acclaimed Webster Technique. What is it? And why is it relevant for our pregnant mamas? 


The Webster technique is a chiropractic sacral adjustment that helps facilitate the mother's pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments and reduces torsion to the uterus. This may offer a greater potential for optimal fetal positioning. (Source: Spinning Babies) What does that mean in simple language? It means that when our spine is out of alignment, or subluxed, our hips aren’t completely in line and nerves which send messages throughout the body are pinched, keeping them from relaying proper messages from the brain to the body. This misalignment can put pressure on parts of the uterus, keeping the baby from having enough room to turn head down.




Just as they know how to grow and learn, they naturally want to be head down. They will almost always turn if they have the room and environment to do so. 


Oftentimes, we will see moms who have a breech baby seek chiropractic care and when they follow up with the suggested exercises, their baby will turn head down for the optimal birthing position. 


The Webster Technique is an effective and safe tool to utilize if/when a mom presents with a breech baby because it can prevent an unnecessary cesarean section as many providers today will not deliver a breech baby. 


Have a breech baby and want some help and direction? Reach out to us anytime. We are here to make your birth experience the best it can be.

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