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We all know that good nutrition and rest are key components of a healthy pregnancy. While we know how hard it is to find time to rest and prepare nutritious meals during pregnancy with so much to get ready, we can make it a little easier to properly fuel your body by providing you with a short list of pregnancy superfoods to have on-hand. Work these foods into your meals and snacks as much as you can to boost you and your baby's health. This is by no means an inclusive list, but these are ones that we found were the easiest to incorporate into our own healthy pregnancies.  Together we can help you flourish!


  1. Avocados Avocados are a great pregnancy superfood because they offer key nutrients including: 

    • Folic acid (a vitamin of the B-complex that is a key nutrient in pregnancy as it lowers the risk of certain birth defects),

    • Lutein (a deep yellow pigment of the xanthophyll class that is important in baby's eye and brain development) 

    • Potassium (a mineral that helps maintain the balance of fluids and electrolytes in your body's cells)

Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and there are a plethora of ways to enjoy them.  Add them to any sandwich or chopped up on a salad. Or you can try this delicious recipe (it's a favorite of Marielle's!) Click the link below to check it out!

Grilled California Avocado Chicken  




2. Broccoli Broccoli is another great pregnancy superfood because it offers: 

  • Fiber

  • Iron

  • Folic acid

It makes for a great side dish whether you steam it and add some butter or roast it in the oven! Here is a great little recipe that we enjoy:

Roasted Broccoli  


3. Eggs Eggs are so great for you, as it offers:

  • Vitamin A (important for baby's embryonic growth including development of his/her heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, and bones as well as the circulatory, respiratory, and central nervous systems. It's also helpful for moms because it aids in postpartum tissue repair)

  • Iron

  • Protein

If you can, spend a few extra cents to buy the pasture-raised and cage free eggs as they tend to have more nutrients (the deeper the color of yolk the better!) Scrambled, fried, or boiled; enjoy them however you would like. Here's a great little recipe that you can make ahead of time and grab later when you're on the go!

Breakfast Egg Cups 


4. Lentils and Beans Lentils and beans are a great vegetarian source of:

  • Protein

  • Fiber (Sure, fiber makes "the go" easier, but it's also important during pregnancy as it helps reduce conditions such as high blood pressure and preeclampsia)

  • Iron

 Simply add these to a salad or make a soup. Give this one a try! 

Curried Lentils 


5. Nuts and seeds Nuts and seeds are awesome for pregnant mamas because they are a source of:

  • Fiber

  • Vitamin E (offers antioxidant properties and protects your cell membranes from damage. It not only contributes to healthy skin and eyes, but it also helps strengthen your immune system)

  • Magnesium (really helpful during pregnancy as it not only builds strong bones and teeth for your baby as it works collaboratively with calcium but it also helps prevent the uterus from contracting prematurely).

Nuts and seeds are an easy carry snack or you can try this recipe!

 Applesauce Chia Seed Muffins


6. Oatmeal Oatmeal is a complex carb that provides:

  • Folic acid

  • Iron 

  • Fiber


Add some berries, Greek yogurt, and/or raw honey for the ultimate super breakfast! Or if you need a quick grab-and-go recipe: try these overnight oats!


Overnight Oats 


7. Spinach and kale These pregnancy superfoods offer:

  • Calcium (you knew it was great for strong bones, but did you also know calcium helps baby grow a healthy heart, nerves, and muscles as well as develop a normal heart rhythm and blood clotting abilities?!)

  • Fiber

  • Folic acid

Fresh in a salad can be easier for some to enjoy but both can be cooked and served as a side. Here is a great way to hide that spinach if it just isn't your thing on its own:

 Creamy Basil Garlic Spinach Chicken


8. Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt provides you with these essentials:

  • Calcium

  • Probiotics (probiotics are highly important during pregnancy because all disease begins in the gut, but thankfully, they are also prevented in the gut. By incorporating probiotics into your diet during pregnancy, we can reduce the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, IUGR, eczema and increase our overall immunity!)

Enjoy Greek yogurt as a snack or in place of sour cream. Here's a sweet little Greek yogurt ranch dressing recipe to try too:

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing


9. Berries Berries are fantastic because they incorporate:

  • Vitamin C (Super important during pregnancy because it is necessary to make collagen which is a structural protein responsible for cartilage, tendons, bones, and skin. Vitamin C also helps you fight infections and acts as an antioxidant, protecting your cells from damage)

  • Fiber

Enjoy berries as a simple snack by themselves, on salads or as a tasty addition to your yogurt. If you have a craving for something sweeter, try this recipe!


Berry Crisp


10. Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are an excellent healthy carb and  a great source of fiber that helps to stabilize your blood sugar. Use as them as a base of a taco, add meat or beans of your choice and all your favorite taco toppings for a tasty meal. Here's another tasty idea too: 


Cheesy Garlic Sweet Potatoes 



We hope this will help give you some direction with your pregnancy diet! Thanks for stopping in today!


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