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By now you likely know what a doula is and have a basic idea of what we do, but now the next question is: Is a doula worth it? Doulas can be expensive with local rates ranging up to $2,000 (don’t worry- you’re in luck because we don’t charge that much). Yes, the cost can be a little shocking at first- no doubt. But, the short answer is YES a good doula is worth it. By the way, by good- I don’t mean the most expensive. Don’t assume that a higher price tag always means a better service or product. By good I mean professional, passionate, and experienced!

So now you're thinking "Of course she would say that..." but do you know why?



Statistically speaking...

Here’s a few scientific-study backed benefits (not to mention all the anecdotal evidence) of having a good doula by your side throughout the process of pregnancy and delivery:

-Shorter labor (average of 41 minutes shorter)
-Decreased C-section rate (different studies boast anywhere from a 28-56% reduction)
-Decreased likelihood of having a baby with a low birth weight
-Decreased chance of having an episiotomy
-Decreased intervention use (including forceps and vacuum extraction)
-Decreased request of pain medications during labor
-Decreased chance of experiencing birth complications for both mother and baby
-Decreased stress/anxiety hormones released
-Increased satisfaction with birth experience 
-Increased feeling of well-being
-Increased breastfeeding success rates (even after 6 weeks!)
-Increased APGAR scores
-Increased likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth (less likely to need an induction)
-Improved mother-infant interaction

I know I’ve shared these before but these reasons alone are a testament and make a doula worth the cost. However, if these benefits alone aren’t enough to persuade you, think of the money you could be saving by hiring a doula! Possibly avoiding that c-section alone would save you thousands and give you a great return on your investment. Not only would there be hospital bills to consider but also an extended recovery time keeping you from returning to work. Now, hear me when I say that I think a mom should spend more than 6 weeks recovering before she returns to work whether she has a vaginal delivery or a cesarean, but I also realize that for some, it isn’t an option. Having surgery, however, will definitely delay you more than a vaginal delivery will.


 Higher long-term breastfeeding success rates? Think of the money you could save on formula! I could go on and on with potential savings that alone would make the investment of a doula worth it. Although we can’t guarantee your particular outcome, studies show that by hiring us, a better experience is in your favor.

But the price...

Ever wonder why the price tag? Well let me explain... From the moment you sign a contract with us, we are available to you. We answer your calls, texts, and messages whenever you have a question or need us for support. As your due date approaches, we block off our calendar for 4 weeks (two weeks before and two weeks after your due date) to make certain we stay within an hour of you so that we can get to you as quickly as possible when you call and say you need us whether that is in the middle of the afternoon or in the middle of the night. The fee includes the prenatal visit, the birth, and the postpartum visit. We could be with you for an hour in the rare case of a precipitous birth or we could be with you for days. When you break down the fee considering our time, expertise, and covering our expenses- our monetary return is minimal, but man do we love what we do. So it’s worth it for us too!

Although many insurance companies don’t cover doula support, some do. So it’s worth a call to your insurance company to see if they will. If they do, we are happy to give you an itemized bill to send to them so they can reimburse you directly. Christian healthcare organizations (like Samaritan ministries) and flex savings plans/flex spending plans are usually very good about covering for doula support in part or in full.


 So yes, my friend. A good doula is ABSOLUTELY worth the money. And we do what we can to accommodate you by setting up payment plans or accepting credit cards to make it as easy for you to afford as possible.

Give us a try. I can promise you won’t regret it💜



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