So I'm eating dinner with a friend when I get a call from Jess saying that contractions are becoming stronger. I should have known that I'd get the call that day because storms were rolling in. I told her to keep me updated on when to head that way + continued eating dinner. About 20 minutes later, I made my way home to grab my gear + little sis.

It's 11:35pm when I pull up to the home where Marvella will eventually make her grand entrance. Walking in the door, I smell oils diffusing + see Jess bouncing on an exercise ball with her midwives waiting patiently for her to need their assistance. I decide to go ahead + feed little sis + get her in the wrap since Jess was unbelievably calm through the contractions.

For a few hours, things were chill. Jess ate a bowl of ice cream while holding her 1 year old son during a contraction! This woman was giving me all the super mom vibes. She was absolutely crushing it. Eventually, she made it to the back of the house to use the bathroom + then to their bedroom. I was sitting in the living room when I heard slight moans coming from the bedroom. Myself + the other midwife decided to see how Jess was doing. I walk in to find her on the bed laying on her side, eyes closed, breathing calmly through contractions.

As time passes, Jess begins to transition the final phase of labor. Making beautiful progress through it all. It was so quiet in the bedroom. Little sis was asleep in the wrap + Jess was barely making a peep. The midwives + I would whisper back + forth discussing her progression while her husband was running back + forth between getting water for her + taking care of their 1 year old.

Then, her water broke! Once that happened, it was like a fast moving train that couldn't be stopped. Jess pushed + gently encouraged stretching for about an hour. I remember thinking to myself, "This is the most magical experience to be apart of. Her son + husband were right there next to her, just as much in awe as I was.

With a little more stretching + pushing, Marvella was earthside! What made this birth so special was they chose to wait to find out the sex until baby was born. After baby came earthside, mom + dad took time to bond, latch + rest while the birth workers charted + updated spouses. An hour later, they decided to check baby's gender to find they had successfully birthed a beautiful baby girl!

Once key shots were taken, I exited the home feeling so refreshed (even though it was 5:00am) knowing that I was blessed to hold space for a mama + her family. Wow. A baby had been born. What a way to start my day.