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October 11, 2019

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July 29, 2018

Having just recently walked through the first trimester for the 6th time, all of this is ​fresh ​on my mind. Just thinking about that joyful ickiness is making me queasy and tired. So moms, if you’re having a rough time of it, I feel ya!

Survival mode

Pregnancies co...

We recently did a vLog post with Dr D, a local chiropractor at Active Health Chiropractic here in Stephens City, Virginia (click here if you missed it). We talked about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. There are many benefits and we HIGHLY recomm...

We all know that good nutrition and rest are key components of a healthy pregnancy. While we know how hard it is to find time to rest and prepare nutritious meals during pregnancy with so much to get ready, we can make it a little easier to properly fuel your body by p...

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